Argan & Amaranth

Anti-Wrinkle AHA Night Serum for mature, demanding skin


  • Provides a peeling effect and removes dead skin cells
  • Smoothes the skin and leaves it radiant
  • Moisturizes and stores moisture in the skin
  • Accelerates collagen production and improves skin firmness
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Our skin renews itself every 28 days, leaving behind dead skin cells on the surface and deposits that can clog the pores. To maintain the radiance of the skin, these should be removed regularly. Only when dead skin cells are removed, active ingredients and moisture can penetrate the skin perfectly and the skin's natural cell renewal processes can be activated sustainably

 The Anti-Wrinkle AHA Night Serum with AHA Acids (Fruit Acids) and a regenerating combination of Argan Seed-, Amaranth Seed- and Licorice Root Extract removes dead skin flakes, smoothes mature skin and stimu-lates the skin renewal process.


The ARGAN & AMARANTH Anti-Wrinkle AHA Night Serum was selected by independent, interdisciplinary experts in the category "Facial Care" and awarded the German Innovation Award 2020!

The German Innovation Award honours products and solutions across all industries, which differ primarily in user-centricity and added value compared to previous solutions. It makes great achievements visible to a wide audience and ensures a successful positioning in the market. Further information about the award.


Free from synthetic coloring agents and fragrances

Free from gluten and lactose

Free from parabens, mineral oils and paraffin

Free from silikons

Free from sulphates and acetone

Free from PEGs