Our award winning products

Best skin compatibility and maximum effect - that is our claim. Due to the basis of our high quality, many of our products have received an award or a seal of quality.

Our high-quality raw materials, which preferably come from organic cultivation or renewable wild collections, are regularly and strictly controlled by independent testing institutes. We also put our products to the test again and again and develop them further according to the latest scientific findings. We are in close contact with renowned dermatologists and have our products tested by independent dermatological institutes in well-founded effectiveness studies. We not only keep a watchful eye on the quality of our products. We also have them completely in our own hands. We develop in our own laboratory and also produce everything ourselves. For reliable, certified brand quality made in Baden-Baden.


Argan & Amaranth
Anti-Wrinkle AHA Night Serum
Beauty miracle overnight for radiant skin with peeling effect!
Argan & Amaranth
7 Days Anti-Wrinkle Ampoules Treatment
Effective additional care product with immediate effect.
Argan & Amaranth
Anti-Wrinkle Intensive Serum
Minimizes fine lines and wrinkles visibly, moisturizes and counteracts feelings of tension.
Argan & Amaranth
Anti-Wrinkle Care | Day
A natural „lifting“ for every day! Minimizes fine lines and wrinkles and strengthens resilience and elasticity.
Argan & Amaranth
Anti-Wrinkle Care | Night
Stimulates skin's natural renewal process during the night, minimizes fine lines and wrinkles, strengthens resilience and elasticity.
Melon & Moringa
Protecting 24h Hydrating Face Care
Protects the skin around the clock from harmful environmental influences and provides it with ideal moisture.
Melon & Moringa
Moringa Protecting 24h Hydrating Fluid
Absorbs excess skin oil, mattifies the skin shine and protects the skin from harmful environmental influences around the clock.
Thistle & Chia
Rich Nourishing Care | Day
Protects the skin, is lipid replenishing, moisturizes and fine dryness lines, wrinkles and unpleasant tautness feelings are minimized.
Hand Balm
Moisturizes and protects rough and chapped hands.



The German Innovation Award honors cross-industry products and solutions that differ primarily in their user-centric approach and added value compared to previous solutions. It makes great achievements visible to a broad audience and ensures a successful positioning in the market.


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Dermatest Seal - this seal is awarded with "very good" for epicutaneous tests in which skin contact with the test product (limited in time and place) did not cause a product-related reaction in at least 30 test persons.


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ÖKO-TEST is a seal which makes the characteristics of products and services transparent for consumers. If test results from the institutes are present they are discussed, evaluated and published in the magazine by the ÖKO-TEST editors. If a product masters the tests, it receives ratings like "very good" and "good".

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Mit dem tina Ageless Beauty Award zeichnet die Frauenzeitschrift tina im sechsten Jahr innovative und hochwertige Anti-Aging-Produkte aus. Eine Jury aus Fachleuten und tina-Leserinnen küren die Sieger in zwölf Kategorien aus den Bereichen Haut, Haare und Make-Up.

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