Natural beautiful skin

Who feels fine in his skin, shines from the inside.

Feels good


Natural beauty comes from within. To believe in yourself, to find your own way, and to actually travel that path:
These are the most important ingredients for a happy and fulfilled life. Our certified and effective natural cosmetics
help you to feel comfortable in your own skin. All our face, body, and hand care products are based on pure and natural
ingredients and precious plant extracts of controlled quality. Our skincare products are easy to apply and have a pleasant fragrance.
They feel good on the skin, making it visibly more beautiful and healthier. We systematically avoid harmful substances and base our products on ingredients and processes that are truly effective.


NATRUE certified natural cosmetics
of purely natural origin. 100% vegan.


Dermatologically verified effectiveness
and skin compatibility.

No compromises

We say no to animal testing.
No silicones or mineral oils. No
synthetic color additives or parabens.

Your skin is

Skin types & Products

Less is more

Less is more – We are committed to this principle and we have been recognized for this.
All our face care products carry the NATRUE seal for certified natural cosmetics.


Animal Testing
NATRUE® certified
Vegan registered
made in Germany


The best from nature – The best for your skin


We prefer to use ingredients that are derived from organic sources or sustainable wild harvests.
The quality of the raw materials is regularly checked by an independent testing institute.


The best
from nature

To our ingredients

This is how we work


Quality makes the difference 

Pure plant-based ingredients. Maximum compatibility. Maximum effectiveness. This is what we aspire to. And it starts from when we select the raw materials. These are derived preferably from organic sources or sustainable wild harvests. Of course, the quality of these raw materials is subject to regular and stringent checks by an independent testing institute. Naturally our products are regularly tested and we continue to refine them based on the latest scientific findings, maintaining close collaborative relationships with renowned dermatologists. We not only keep a close eye on the quality of our products, we also control the entire process from start to finish. We develop the products in our own laboratory and also manufacture them in house. All to ensure reliable, certified, brand-name quality made in Baden-Baden, Germany. You can feel that on your skin.

PhytoSolve® technology

Targeted effect

Dr. Scheller is the only brand of natural cosmetics that uses PhytoSolve® ingredients – combining gentle and natural skincare with exceptional effectiveness. PhytoSolve® ingredients are transparent emulsions of soy lecithin that are extracted from purely natural plants. These microcapsules transport highly effective natural extracts into the skin so that their action is targeted to where it is needed. This means that pure plant-based ingredients can be made considerably more effective.

Effect without PhytoSolve®

Ingredients remain on the surface.

Effect with PhytoSolve®

The PhytoSolve® penetrate into the skin – for a sustainable effect.

 Natural cosmetics that works


Our program has the right skincare product for every skin type and every need.
 Our product line Natural & Effective which contains 100% organic ingredients is characterized
by certified quality, best skin compatibility, and demonstrated effectiveness.
 And it gives your skin just what it needs.


Our products


Contemporary, effective natural cosmetics for the
daily skin care.


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