Ella Endlich X

"Dr. Scheller natural cosmetics are pure relaxation for my skin. I experience and see the beautiful difference that healthy, radiant skin can make.”

Ella Endlich


Mindful contact with nature has long since influenced all lifestyles. As far as natural beauty is concerned, mindfulness means: ecologically respectful action that is characterized by genuine enjoyment.


Ella Endlich is convinced of Dr. Scheller natural cosmetics. Her recommendation is the anti-wrinkle range "Argan & Amaranth" for demanding skin. The care is a true anti-aging expert for her, because with "Argan & Amaranth" the skin is smoothed, hydrated and it receives new elasticity. The complexion is thus effectively improved and a beautiful, healthy radiance is achieved.



When naturalness blurs the signs of time.


The anti-wrinkle range "Argan & Amaranth" perfectly reflects our corporate culture: thanks to herbal ingredients and excellent recipes, you will benefit from the concentrated power of nature. Simply feel well in your skin.


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Ella's skincare routine with her favorite products
from the "Argan & Amaranth" range.

Her extensive care ritual for the day:

1. gentle and pore-deep cleansing for morning (and evening). With our Anti-Pollution Cleansing Gel, Ella first removes make-up and environmental pollutants from her skin. To do this, she simply foams the gel up briefly after application and removes it again with clean water. Even while doing so she enjoys a pleasantly relaxed skin feeling.

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2. the wellness and beauty treatment with immediate effect. After cleansing, Ella lets her skin dry and applies our anti-wrinkle sheet mask. For a radiant, even complexion, 15 minutes are enough to hydrate the skin. Then she takes the mask off, massages in any residue or removes it with a cotton pad.


To the Argan & Amaranth Anti-Wrinkle Sheet Mask


3. Intensive care with a particularly high concentration of active ingredients. After cleansing and masking, she simply applies the natural serum evenly. It is quickly absorbed and the skin is immediately well cared for. For a great, vital radiance.


To the Argan & Amaranth Anti-Wrinkle Intensive Serum

4. The anti-wrinkle care for Ella's day! Our "Argan & Amaranth" Anti-Wrinkle Care Day can be applied and gently massaged in after the serum, but also directly after cleansing. Ella's radiance appears youthful, thanks to the support of the collagen network full of elasticity and the skin is protected from drying out. Ready for the day!


To the Argan & Amaranth Anti-Wrinkle Care Day

Ella's favorites for the night:

1. the regenerating night care including natural activation of cell renewal. A pleasant night's rest for Ella's skin! After cleansing, she applies 1-2 drops of "Argan & Amaranth" Anti-Wrinkle AHA Night Serum and massages it in gently. This provides a peeling effect, the active ingredients and moisture can penetrate into the skin perfectly. The application time is 5 minutes. Ella uses our "Argan & Amaranth" Anti-Wrinkle Night Care as a final treatment.

To the Argan & Amaranth Anti-Wrinkle AHA Night Serum

2. the firming anti-wrinkle care night has a rich texture. With this night cream, Ella gives her skin plenty of moisture and strengthens it with new elasticity and resilience. To do this, she applies the cream after cleansing and applying the serum and massages it in gently. An extremely relaxing anti-wrinkle care that naturally stimulates the skin's nightly renewal process.


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