• To be. Naturally. Beautiful.

    To be. Naturally. Beautiful.

Self-confident and self-determined:
The successful singer Ella Endlich embodies the natural modern lifestyle and beauty. As a person and in her creative work, Ella uses nature as a true source of strength and inspiration. For her, nature is a miracle that gives us unique energy every day, regenerates and makes us shine. A belief which she shares and connects with Dr. Scheller Natural Cosmetics.

Ella Endlich loves & lives naturalness.


Her music career, being in the public, travelling, performing ... this is the everyday life for Ella since her childhood. Today she is a strong personality and is more successful than ever. She cultivates a close and attentive relationship with her environment and the wonders of nature. Feeling good in her skin is a correspondingly holistic demand for Ella. She expresses this attitude profoundly and sensitively. In her lyrics, as well as in our conversation with her.


Ella Endlich in interview

Time for a natural wonder, movie on!

Ella's inspiration. Ella's beauty. Ella's time for herself.

Natural wonders can affect

And make the soul smile.

Natural wonders encourage

A journey full of vitality and inspiration. Every single day.

The wonders of nature are beautiful.

Everything is in our hands.



Wonders of nature possess elemental power and charisma

Always have, always will.


Wonders of nature have a future.

The greatest adventure begins when you are in harmony with yourself.

Wonders of nature inspire.

We do not have to think differently; we just need a fresh perspective.

From the teachings of natural radiance.


We transform the wonders of nature into high-quality natural cosmetics through effective formulations. Ella Endlich uses them daily. In addition to the natural quality, she is also enthusiastic about the particularly great effect. Especially our anti-wrinkle range "Argan & Amaranth" is part of her daily care routine.


To Ella's skincare routine

"Naturalness is not just a way of life. It is also the joy in life."


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