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Claudia Weingarte, flight attendant, business owner and Nature's Wonder

Our Nature's Wonder Claudia Weingarte

Always on the go and yet still grounded


As a flight attendant, Claudia Weingarte travels all around the world. Her base is here in Frankfurt where she lives with her partner, Tim. When she’s not flying high in the sky, she looks after her major passion: her own handbag label “Rosenstaub”.

Claudia Weingarte is exactly the type of woman we were looking for to take part in our Natural Wonder campaign. She is self-confident, goes her own way, and doesn’t allow herself to be swallowed up by a busy lifestyle. She knows what does her good and she does good by fulfilling the wishes of severely ill children. This makes Claudia a true Nature's Wonder in our eyes!

“It is the many small pleasures in life that give me the greatest joy. Sunshine, for example. Or a great cappuccino.”

Claudia Weingarte talking about the greatest joy in her life

What makes and made you the person you are today?

I moved out of home at 16 and started an apprenticeship in a hotel. Because I started working so young, I had to shoulder responsibilities myself at a relatively young age. I was able to enjoy my independence, freedom, and adventurousness early. I was always motivated to try something new, even if I sometimes failed. Even the best plan won’t work if you don’t follow through with the necessary staying power. Life lies outside your own comfort zone. If you don’t change anything, you stay exactly where you are now.

“People motivate me…”
“…and their stories.”
At what point in your life are you today?

I know what life is all about. I’ve achieved a great deal and these days I can say exactly what I want and what I don’t want thanks to all the experience I have accumulated.

What does a Nature's Wonder mean to you?

The rose of Jericho. This plant can survive many years without water or soil but when it finally finds water it starts to flower again. It is almost brought back to life. A real natural wonder! To prevail despite all the challenges thrown at you and against all odds!

What is important in life for you? What do you value?

My partner, my handbag label Rosenstaub, humor, loyalty, trust.

What fascinates you? What do you get excited about?

Stories about people and their innovative ideas! People who have realized their dream through diligence, hard work, courage and persistence.

“I love looking for beautiful places, restaurants, markets that I visit on my many travels. I draw my inspiration from these places for my handbag label Rosenstaub.”


Claudia’s favorite pastime

What is the best tip you can give us?


Take time out more often, eat healthy food, drink a glass of still water with fresh lemon juice first thing every morning! Toxins out, nutrients in, a basic start to the day!

What do you think about natural cosmetics?


Natural cosmetics are very important to me. It doesn’t make sense to eat healthy food and then apply a whole lot of harmful substances to your skin. When I apply nature to my skin, I have the feeling that I have done something healthy for myself. It immediately boosts my wellbeing.

What do you pay attention to when buying food and skincare products?


That the things I use are as natural as possible. Animal welfare and housing is important to me. I don’t want any preservatives. I eat fresh food. And I like to cook. And even with cosmetics, I pamper my body with natural products. Please, no parabens or other chemical additives.

“The argan products are wonderfully rich, and my skin is more toned after using them. The lemon fragrance cheers me up, a kind of happiness kick. And it’s also balm for spirit and soul! I discovered wild rose as a way to treat my pigment spots.”

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Are there people in your environment that you would call a Nature's Wonder?

People who work when others are sleeping. Who make sure the airline passengers get to New York, who look after the sick and put out fires, all when most people are enjoying their evenings off.

You support the Make-A-Wish Foundation. How did you get involved with the foundation?

In 2013, my partner Tim and I got to know a delightful child called Céline on a joint flight to Tanzania. Céline was severely ill with cancer and had made a wish to see a sunrise from the cockpit of a plane and experience the wild animals in Africa while she still could. She was a very special guest and was able to be in the cockpit when the sun came up. Tim was one of the two pilots on this flight. The Make-A-Wish Foundation fulfilled her wish and sent her on the trip. We were deeply moved by Céline’s story and decided to support Make-A-Wish with our handbag label Rosenstaub so that other children’s eyes would light up the way hers had.



“The sea. An island. A great restaurant.”

Claudia’s favorite places to relax

Thank you for the interview. And of course, your commitment, Claudia!

More about Claudia


Claudia’s greatest passion is her handbag label Rosenstaub. Many parts of her collection tell tales about distant lands. Here is the link to her website:

Claudia’s Rosenstaub project

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