• Discover Nature's Wonders

    Discover Nature's Wonders

    Wonderful stories from people who feel great in their skin.
  • Discover Nature's Wonders

    Discover Nature's Wonders

    Wonderful stories from people who feel great in their skin.
We believe: 

“Whoever lives naturally and with self-determination feels great in their skin. Whoever feels great in their skin is a happier person.”


Nat·u·re's won·der

Noun – A phenomenon that occurs naturally and is especially impressive and fascinating.

Why something is called a wonder is not easy to explain because whether something is astonishing and exceptional lies in the eye of the beholder. We consider life to be a wonder – it is exceptionally beautiful. We are amazed by the power of nature. 

We live every day consciously and full of joy. We do what we enjoy: Natural cosmetics that work. We value people who are especially natural. We would like to encourage them to be natural! We would also like you to feel comfortable in your own skin. So make yourself your own Nature's Wonder!

We are fascinated
by people with 
charisma …

   ... because they make the best out of every day. 

                     ... because they can also have a laugh at themselves.

 ... because they are always true to themselves.




They are our Nature's Wonder.

For our Natural Wonder campaign, we looked for strong women. And we found them. Their lives are self-determined. They travel along their path undeterred. Loving life. They also find time to devote to others. And they have a fascinating radiance. Joachim Baldauf captured this radiance for us.


What excited you about the campaign, Mr Baldauf?

“In this business, it’s often only about a beautiful appearance. An honest campaign such as this one is a refreshing counterpoint. These women live by their authenticity and they paint a completely unaffected picture of women. I love that. Truly strong women. With real lives. They really are natural wonders.”

 Find out more about Joachim Baldauf

It’s so wonderful that you are the way you are!


Nathalie and Claudia are Nature's Wonders in our eyes. They live in tune with their own natures, not letting themselves be deflected, and do exactly what they enjoy. They simply feel great in their own skin. This makes them successful and happy. That's the way we work as well. We love life – and what we create: Natural cosmetics that work.


Nathalie Schaller

Nathalie Schaller creates fair trade fashion, supporting young Indian women who used to work as prostitutes. All while being a mother and a full-time lawyer.


An interview with Nathalie


Claudia Weingarte

Claudia Weingarte is a flight attendant and business owner. Her handbag label “Rosenstaub” combines support for local handicrafts with a social conscience.


An interview with Claudia