We live in a time that is developing rapidly. We are faced with new challenges and at the same time new perspectives are created.

It is obvious that more and more people are returning to nature. This development is supported and inspired by independent women. This happens on a small more private scale as well as a large, public one.

One of these women is Ella Endlich. Successful in the music business from an early age, she has also experienced an exciting personal development. We are very happy to have such a charismatic, self-determined women representing our brand. 

Ella stands for the new, conscious naturalness as well as the strength of the modern woman. In the following interview we will introduce her to you.
Dr. Scheller: "Nice to have you on our team as a brand ambassador, Ella. We are very proud of this, especially because you haven’t yet represented a brand."

Ella: "That's true, so thank you very much for the intensive insight you have given me. Especially in connection with skin care, authenticity and the topic of naturalness, this was very important to me".

Dr. Scheller: "You have already mentioned it: Naturalness is very close to your heart. Has that always been the case?"

Ella: "We are all part of nature, we live with it, it lives in us. The question is only when and to what extent we allow it to shape our consciousness. This now has a priority in my life."

Dr. Scheller: "How did it come about that naturalness has this relevance in your life today?”


Ella: "I have always loved nature, and mindfulness and sustainability are nothing new for me. A trip to Asia last year further intensified and expanded my perception. “

Dr. Scheller: "That sounds like an impressive experience ...”


Ella: "It was a journey to find myself. I felt that I had to do this now and was therefore naturally very open-minded and, thanks to a Digital Detox, very focused. On the one hand, I was open to the beautiful things like yoga, the Indian healing art Ayurveda or the nature in the Himalayas, on the other hand, the conditions in environmental protection or fast fashion left a lasting impact on me.

"This journey opened my eyes. I came back and knew: I can, I want and I am ready to give my voice to nature, sustainability and fairness. In my own life and socially."
Ella Endlich

Dr. Scheller: "Your insights certainly have an impact on your everyday life."


Ella: "Yes, for example, I pay attention to what I eat, buy from local markets and - of course - which skincare I use. When it comes to outfits, I like to check out cool second-hand stores and I want to support ecologically meaningful labels that also emphasize fairness. A central point that I support, among other things, in my function as patron of the FairPlay Foundation (www.fairplay-germany-neu.de)."

Dr. Scheller: "How does the prominent Ella Endlich, who writes, sings and dances, build the bridge to the mindful human being Ella Endlich? Or the other way around ..."


Ella: "By trying to be one with myself. Just as the number of those who, like me, want to come closer to the essential and be balanced within. They perceive themselves more fundamentally and thus bring themselves into resonance with themselves, with other people and the environment in an authentic way.”

Dr. Scheller: "You have been in the music business since childhood. Is it difficult to combine showbiz and glamour with nature and naturalness?


Ella: "No, because as I said: I am me. And this business also consists of a lot of work if you want to be successful. Women in particular have to fight hard for their standing in this job. Besides, I also like to party sometimes, logically, but that doesn't define me as a person or the feeling of well-being in my skin.

Dr. Scheller: "How would you define natural beauty?”


Ella: "As inner and outer balance. Internally I try to fulfill this claim through a mindful life, externally I use natural cosmetics from your brand. Everything has to be in balance for itself and together, then I think you have a good protection against inner and outer influences.

Dr. Scheller: "Promoting and affirming the feeling of well-being in one's own skin with our natural cosmetics has always been a guiding principle for us, embedded as a contribution in a fundamental understanding of nature, which you have wonderfully communicated to us with your attitude. For this we say thank you, Ella!

"Everyone has his inner glow in an individual, special way. That is what it is for me to protect, care for and love."

Ella Endlich


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